BGIC and BGSW and used in various aircraft leaning and Maintenance operations. Blue Gold has been tested to United irlines spec on leather, vinyl, plastics, carpet upholstery and even in the oxygen lines within the aircraft.
Usage Application Dilution Rinsed Dried
Aircraft Fasteners Mechanical Parts Washer   Yes (DI) Yes (Spin)
Aircraft Exterior Sprayed 20%-25% Yes Yes
Steamed 20%-25% Yes Yes
Foamed 20%-25% Yes Yes
Engine & Various Parts Agitated/Heated Dip Tank Various Yes Yes
Hand Wiping Various Yes Yes
Gear Boxes Dip Tanks 10-20% Yes Yes
Pressure Sprayer 150-1 Yes Yes
Spray Washer 5% Yes Yes

Hydraulic System Lines - Titanium tubing in hydraulic system cleaned by Rockwell.
Usage Application Dilution Rinsed Dried
  Agitated Submersion Tank 10% Yes (heated) No
  Ultrasonic 10% Yes (heated) No
Impeller Blades Heated Dip Tank   Yes Yes
Landing Gear Dip Tank 150-1 N/A Yes Yes
Spray Washer N/A Yes Yes

Prior to FPI - Test done to detect stress cracks. Mandatory to have a through agitated and clean rinse. Specifics P&W manual.
Usage Application Dilution Rinsed Dried
      Yes (mandatory) Yes
Propeller / Turbine Vanes Ultrasonic 5%-20% Yes Yes
Heated Dip Tank 5%-20% Yes Yes

Helicopter Engines & Parts - Using a 5-15% solution heated to 150° F, rinsed and dried. Also cleaning honeycomb section
Usage Application Dilution Rinsed Dried
  Converted Vapor Tank w/Eductors 5%-15% Yes Yes (blow with air knife)